March 24: Here is the 16th French department client of our 360 degree video wall solution.

8 million French people indirectly benefit from our technology for their rescue centers.

I look happy in the video and I am deeply so. IT consultant and entrepreneur, my main client gave me the day off at the last minute (many thanks to Chiara and Wim).

The common point of the government organizations clients of Easy Multi Display and this industrial client, is to put the patient, the person at the center of their concerns. This is a value that I share and that keeps my commitment constant.

Beyond the men, there is an institution that carries values and inspires respect. In the morning, when I look at myself in the mirror or when I talk to my 2 children, I am proud of the meaning of my professional life and the organizations to whom I devote my energy. The time of my Parisian burn-out serving companies 100% oriented towards profit is far away. I was earning 3/4 times more, but I was sad.

With my business partner Patrice Barrault, we have been improving our offer since 2020 thanks to the ideas of our clients. Thus, the men of the 16 client departments have the same flame in their eyes. They dare to leave the reference paths and innovate. In the middle of the organization chart or even high up, they are smart, courageous people who take risks and try to move the lines.


Our video wall solution is effective in a command center, but it is also transposable in a mobile command center.

Thank you to SDIS 76 - Sapeurs-pompiers de la Seine-Maritime for their innovation and open-mindedness. They have the "French flair", this little impalpable thing that leads to victory.

Congratulations to the truck equipment manufacturer BEHM for their adaptability and the perfection of their work.

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