War Room's history

War rooms or command centres have probably been around in one form or another for as long as mankind has formed competitive groups, tribes or populations. Pre-historic evidence tells of meetings of tribal leaders around a simple pile of stones, and Churchill’s command tents are a recognised feature of the Second World War.

A War Room is a dedicated safe space in friendly territory for a team of decision makers. This protected area is equipped to present the parameters and features of a conflict zone as simply and clearly as possible, but as comprehensively as possible. Today, War Room maps display the movement of troops or weaponry in real time, reactive displays set out strategic positions, and analyse topography. The war room is no longer a static depiction, it is connected to the outside world as well as to internal data channels, and capable of receiving and sending hundreds of communications per second. Individuals who may not even speak the same language can understand the evolution of a situation at a glance.


Winston Churchill's War Room

From 1939 to 1945, Winston Churchill led his strategy from a War Room located in central London, and ultimately won a world war from an underground bunker. 

Cockpit and Neurosciences

The neurosurgeon and professor Patrick Georges created the concept of a Management Cockpit in 1989, following the request of a Swiss bank. He is the author of several bestsellers including "The Management Cockpit: Essential Scoreboards” and "Neuromarketing in action."


For further information please visit his website via: www.patrick-georges.net


The Management Cockpit concept has been originally developed by Patrick Georges and his company N.E.T. Research. The intellectual property rights of the Management Cockpit concept have been acquired in 1998 by SAP AG. The name Management Cockpit is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP AG. 

Digital & Social War Room

The concept of a Social War Room or Digital War Room, arose with the advent of social networks and the evolution of the digital world. There grew a kind of symbiosis between the War Room of Winston Chruchill’s day, and the supervision room of a US Super Bowl final. It is now a powerfully connected, fast and ultra-efficient place. The War Room is led by senior, experienced managers, while the Social War Room is occupied by young executives born of the digital age.
We can assess that birth of the first Social War Room came between 2005 and 2010. The first official instance being that of Gatorade (PepsiCo) in 2010. Used by an executive to listen in on an array of digital media, their role was to act or make decisions based upon anything that might appear on Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instgram, Google+, Youtube, or anything that might be published on the internet that could have an implication for their brand. This was the evolution, or perhaps the birth, of the Community Manager – a new business management role, dominated by Generation Y.


Still, it is the person in the room it and their interpretations and actions they take that remain of crucial importance.

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