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The internet and, in particular, social networks present a very real risk for many businesses. What may at first seem a small blip can rapidly snowball within hours or even minutes, since the dawn of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.  The idea of a Social War Room or Digital War Room is to ensure your businesses is listening, and is thus able to respond before a crisis becomes a catastrophe. 


In 2010, Nestle’s Facebook page was attacked by Greenpeace, in a highly publicised case. The world had underestimated Greenpeace’s digital nous, and it was an object lesson in the importance of having stringent social media practices. This event crystallised the need for better social media practices in many business leader’s minds.



A Social War Room or Digital War Room has a number of similarities to Winston Churchill’s famous War Room, with its use of screens and watertight information feedback. The Digital War Room is a social real-time site of action, prioviding quantitative indicators and detailed reports of what is happening on Twitter or Facebook. 


A Social War Room stimulates innovation in community managers. With ergonomic tools and hardware are essential attributes, a Social War Room has to be taken in hand by skilled, creative and flexible IT experts to reach its full potential.


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