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Our immediate environment has a huge impact on our ability to make decisions, and a cluttered desk, ambient noise or poor lighting can significantly limit our ability. We have just twenty minutes to find the optimum level of concentration.

The Fukushima nuclear accident of 2011 was caused by a tsunami and human error. But in 2013, the cooling system of the plant tripped because of a single rat. A grain of sand can stop a machine, even if it is under surveillance.


Virtual Cockpit increases the performance and efficiency of the brain, because the imposed discipline helps to organise team members, avoiding duplication of work and wasted time.

It acts as a steering committee; managers share the work, they know who each business manager is, and they can assess how KPIs are being met.


Virtual Cockpit also allows managers to measure the influence of their actions on the overall business.

Despite Malaysia Airlines having been made infamous by consecutive incidents between 2014 and 2015, flying remains the safest means of transport.  An aeroplane pilot follows a checklist guaranteeing safety and security, and in-flight response to any incident follows a range of established, tested methods that have been proven to illicit the best response possible.

Such well defined processes, and the adoption of a common tongue, vastly reduce the possibility for misinterpretation arising from human culture and emotion, and ultimately reduces instances of human error.  Notwithstanding the cultural ambiguity of the simple word "Yes", it is indisputable that the use of a common language prevents errors.
In the case of a multinational, Virtual Cockpit enables a multicultural management committee to use the same word, the same definition for the same indicator. 
Aviation has been and always will know of accidents through misunderstanding. We could mention for example the accident involving Tupolev 134A in December 1986 in Berlin, the pilots misunderstood runway "25L", hearing instead "25R", and crash landed on a runway that was still under construction. For the same reason in 1976, a midair collision in Charkhi Dadri, India, resulted from a crew speaking three different native languages. There were 349 casualties.
Your wiki indicators should be as clear as possible, while taking into account the reality on the ground and the general level of understanding. To reduce error is to use a check-list and a wiki!


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