Information Overload

It is hard to admit that we are overwhelmed, or unable to complete the task at hand, yet this is the reality for many managers today. Often it is simply not possible to absorb all of the information needed to make an informed decision. We need a command tool.


Virtual Cockpit can calmly steer business managers through the waves of data, making objectives suddenly more attainable.

A soldier’s work is to protect the most valuable asset: human life. They strive to protect civilians and their own troops. In this line of work, error or approximation is not appropriate. After studying the situation as a whole, having listened and understood the details of their specific environment, military leaders develop plans to succeed. Once these plans are validated as compliant, they carry out simulations. 


Virtual Cockpit is a distilled version of this, offering management a calm and isolated space in which to make the right judgement call. It limits stress, and both internal and external communication. In a crisis, the control room is able to mobilise and act quickly to preserve the integrity of the company.

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