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Making the right decision at board level is not always easy. Exceptional profitability can hide significant customer attrition, while a worrying deficit could hide a winning five year investment opportunity.


After 15 years working with 40 listed institutions, it is clear that the handful of people at the top of a company have a huge influence on its fate. A company can be a crouching tiger, a monster capable of swallowing the weak; but it is always a beast that needs careful direction.


As in "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, who 27 centuries on is still referenced in military headquarters, and in the approach of  illustrious historical figures like Winston Churchill, the question of method and strategy is always crucial to winning a war.


Boards often meet in sterile rooms, void of technology. They nonetheless manage their affairs successfully, the human mind being capable of tremendously effective decision making.


That said, it appears that the intellectual effort required to make a decision in an increasingly complex and information over-dosed world, has become simply superhuman. A human mind with an absorption capacity of 800 characters per minute, is bombarded with 4,000 characters per minute; how can we therefore believe that a director is taking account of all the salient data when making a decision?


Using the modern War Room as a model, or simply bringing together Winston Churchill's map and cabinet rooms, with Virtual Cockpit directors now have at their disposal a powerful, truly effective management tool. The cockpit is connected directly to the youngest and most advanced areas of our brain. The eyes send information directly to the cortex, resulting in the possibility of truly brilliant decision making.

A room filled with board members, a laptop or two, a projector and some excel spreadsheets are what typically drive today’s businesses.

But, given the advancement of technology, a flexible, engaging, 100% visual control room is today’s tool for more intelligent command.

Virtual Cockpit is like the cockpit of a fighter plane. During a national holiday air show, the head-up displays deliver classic flight data enabling the pilot to show off his skills, and promote national pride. By contrast, during a mission in hostile territory, or in a combat situation, the same pilot in the same aircraft no longer behaves in the same way. The head-up displays deliver different information, such as the speed of the enemy, locking onto the target.


The crucial factor is what connects the displays and the controls - the pilot! Virtual Cockpit allows your board to become the true pilots of your business.

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