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Entrepreneurs and leaders often have clear ideas in their heads. They know where they want to go, but their thinking often doesn’t address the ‘how’ in enough detail. They are the ones who lead, who innovate, who advance the economy of a country. The leader decides "what", and his staff occupy themselves with "how".

On a steering committee, each manager will only be interested in their department’s goals. The Virtual Cockpit handles all of your key business objectives, working towards a united, common objective.





One of the most crucial qualities of the Cockpit is its ability to maintain a controlled strategy, which allows HR and corporate communication teams to distribute key messages to employees. This gives staff peace of mind that there is a pilot in the plane. 


TOCHECK : One of the fundamental points of the Cockpit is that in peacetime it can distribute a controlled strategy image. HR and corporate communication can be used to select key messages and reassure employees. The entire staff was then fully aware that there is a pilot in the plane. Given the precise format of the tool, the image conveyed is that the strategy is well thought out. The pilot decided with the help of a team, relying on a comprehensive spectrum of indicators. The boss does not appear as a paramedic putting a bandage on a hemorrhage. He is the neurosurgeon with a team, he carefully studied his file, and repeated X times the gesture. On the D day, he is imperial.


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