Want a bird's-eye view of your whole business?


... and ensure the right decisions are made?

Virtual Cockpit allows you to view your entire company at a glance and make better-informed decisions faster.

What do we offer?  

A Virtual Cockpit is a video wall, positioned in a dedicated War Room located in your company headquarters.

The screens are linked in real-time to your information systems as well as to the internet.

We apply technology and cognitive thinking methods to achieve the most engaging and effective virtual war room possible.

Why use it?

Virtual Cockpit consolidates and allows you to take advantage of all the data available across your company.

It gathers the key performance indicators crucial to your business’s success, and uses neurologically proven methodology to display the data in the most accessible and readily digestible way possible.

With Virtual Cockpit your board is poised for greatness.

Who should use Virtual Cockpit?

If you are a member of a company’s board, and want access to your crucial company data in the fastest, most engaging, clearest way possible, you should consider Virtual Cockpit.

Who are we ?

After 16 years working in business intelligence, working with over 40 European corporate headquarters including Danone, Kering, Carrefour...and after owning and managing a large BI consulting agency, our CEO founded Virtual Cockpit as the only end-to-end provider of state-of-the-art Command Room technology solutions.

The Benefits of Virtual Cockpit

  • A coherent, holistic view of a company’s data and KPIs across all its departments
  • Clarity of vision and ease of decision making
  • An enhanced view of your company’s strategic position and operational performance
  • Increased board meeting efficiency 
  • Decision making based on accurate information
  • Resolve board level information management issues and ensure data disparity 

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