Components inside your Cockpit

The Strategic isues of your ecosystem 

Your Virtual Cockpit is composed of a number of maps, similar to those in military headquarters.


Its design was inspired by Winston Churchill’s Map Room, and the build process inspired by neurological studies.


The result is an ultra-smart, highly efficient system, bespoke to the needs of the human talent that will drive it.

Digital & Social KPI's

These KPIs could be short or long term goals. 

Tactical and strategic objectives

Black map contains tactical and strategic objectives: it is mainly operational and financial indicators that define your profitability, your business.



Barriers to development

The red map highlights external obstacles which can hinder or endanger your business.




The blue map highlights internal factors, giving Virtual Cockpit its strength through human resource.



Your long-term Strategy

The white map highlights KPIs related to your long-term projects, and long-term strategies.



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