Neuroscience and Cockpit

Extract from  the book 'The Six-Figure Manager The Best Kept Secret in Management’
By Patrick M Georges


‘A Management Cockpit is a performance management tool’. It looks like an aircraft cockpit. Executives call it a war room for business uses. ‘


‘Its major advantage is its ergonomy. The Management Cockpit is a "Decision Support System" type of dashboard system.’


‘The contribution of the Management Cockpit approach resides essentially in its scientific advances in "decision-making support". Based on solid studies in decision and cognitive sciences, it makes the presentation of information more intuitive to decision-makers and easier to understand by managers.’
‘For example, the presentation of the KPIs is done in a question and answer format. The questions most frequently asked by managers when making business decisions are answered with a few performance indicators. Many studies demonstrate that this way of presenting in-formation facilitates decision-making.’


Numerous companies in Europe, such as Unilever, Disney, and Belgacom, have implemented management cockpits to facilitate the decision-making process, in particular at management level. Banque Cantonale Vandoise in Switzerland, one of the pioneers, makes good use of this process, based on a well-structured method.’


The Management Cockpit concept has been originally developed by Patrick Georges and his company N.E.T. Research. The intellectual property rights of the Management Cockpit concept have been acquired in 1998 by SAP AG. The name Management Cockpit is a trademark or registered trademark of SAP AG. 


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