Why is there a need for a cockpit?

The human mind never stops thinking; you cannot switch it off. Ideas constantly come and go, even if we are giving something else our specific attention. A dedicated space is essential for concentration. Virtual Cockpit provides just that.

There are four key elements behind Virtual Cockpit:

• Combating information overload
• Cognitive thinking
• Reducing the risk
• Attention Economics


Information Overload

There has never been so much information available. We are constantly bombarded with messages, through SMS, social networks, advertising, information sites, in both our personal and professional lives. The human brain is able to absorb 800 characters per minute, yet nowadays a manager has to digest  4,000 characters per minute, on average. In reality, the human mind can only capture 20% of the message sent to them, so much energy is wasted, and stress levels increase.


Business Intelligence IT strives to clear the way for managers through the jungle of data, but this clearing is only made in the context of sitting at a computer, while the world moves forwards with portable apps on their smart phones. Virtual Cockpit is here to transform this and makes life easier for managers.

Cognitive Thinking

Professor Patrick M. Georges wrote a book on the subject of the "Management Cockpit", which looked at ergonomics and neural tools in the context of a central hub. He, and neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, have indirectly contributed to the Virtual Cockpit methodology. With fifteen years’ experience in the development of dashboards, our product is bolstered by solid scientific methodology.


Reducing Risk

When an accident happens – and they do – how can you and your colleagues successfully analyse the wreckage to ensure that there isn’t another?  Crises often happen as a result of a series of misunderstandings or errors, which have been left unaddressed. Virtual Cockpit significantly reduces the risk of future errors.


Attention Economy

Human attention, and particularly that of busy managers, is a scarce commodity. When overloaded, things can go wrong. Virtual Cockpit addresses the management of company information to make managing your business easier, smarter and more efficient.



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