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Each mission is for us a challenge to be taken up with ambition and pride. We guarantee our customers the best service with the same degree of expertise whatever the size of the project. Through the diversity of our experiences we challenge the projects and have in reference the best practices.


Too accustomed to the latency of IT projects in our past experiences, our mission is to accelerate the process of development and deployment of the tools offered in order to remain, customer and ourselves, always in the action and the dynamics of the business.


Simplified use to ensure adoption and speed up Anchored in the genes of the company and at the origin of its creation, we insist on a constant sharing of information and on listening to your issues, needs, challenges in order to enrich the projects and provide you with the the most suitable solutions.


Our teams are united and share the same motivation to bring you their expertise and their knowledge by being able to enrich themselves with your knowledge and spirit of innovation. This exchange is essential for us in order to provide projects with the necessary richness to ensure their success in the long term.

the Founder : Guy CONDAMINE

"We are technology experts. However, we believe that Business Intelligence projects are essentially a human endeavour. We work in partnership with you - your team, our experts work together to create a comprehensive network to provide you with the best outcomes. "


We have created a team of people who are truly passionate about their work. Each of them brings a wealth of expertise and a unique take on things. This diverse, multidisciplinary team is in position to create optimal solutions for your company. Just as importantly, they will work in partnership with your team.

Whilst our client portofolio is reassuringly diverse, we are still a start-up at heart. We treat all projects as a new challenge: our aim is to provide you with fresh insights. We are idea shakers, who like nothing more than thinking outside the box and we strive to constantly reassess our processes



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