The Virtual Cockpit Method

Virtual Cockpit has designed a four-phased approach, based on various innovations and the latest discoveries in Neuroscience, and incorporating the best BI tools, alongside 15 years of experience delivering corporate Business Intelligence Projects:

Step 1: Business Review
Step 2: Cockpit Design
Step 3: Cockpit Development
Step 4: On-boarding


The project lasts between 2.5 months and 7 months.


The first step is a phase of discovery. Services are aligned to officers with excellent interpersonal skills, a keen sense of service and professionalism. We align champions of excellence to meet the needs of members of the management committee.

Step 1: 'Business review' or Translate strategy into operational terms


It operates both strategically and tactically, looking at the products, services, values, and overall company vision, along any the challenges faced by the business.


Strategic: which products, services, the values, the company's vision?

Tactically: what are the challenges faced every day by the main BU?
To translate strategy into operational terms, the deliverable includes 6 key business issues.
What is profitability?
What is the state of our sales force?
How our financial position?
What is our pricing policy?
What is productivity?
Are our employees are treated well?

Step 2: Design the Cockpit

This is where we will design the panel, bespoke to your business, market and needs. Our expertise in Business Intelligence ensures the feasibility, viability and ultimate success of your command centre.
We design a storyboard, and hard & software architecture for your company’s systems. This ensures that the cockpit fits your business, not the other way round. 


The plan of Command or War Room is studied in its final version. 
Both are available Mock Up (model) and a technical feasibility study.

Step 3: IT Development of the Cockpit

This step is key to the success of the Cockpit. It's similar to the mechanism involved in Swiss watchmaking. With 15 years of experience, we are able to manage all type of teams and mode of intervention.


The skills of technical network and IT consultants are used to ensure that the human and political dimensions are reflected accurately in the Cockpit.

Step 4: On-boarding


This is the commissioning stage, which is divided into 4 phases:

1. Roll-Out technique established
2. General roll-out
3. Training in the use of Virtual Cockpit
4. In-meeting coaching after going live


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