June 2019




Did you hear about the Hyperintelligence and the HyperCard created by MicroStrategy?


"For the first time, you don’t have to go looking for insights—they come to you. With HyperIntelligence™, zero-click insights are now available everywhere, all the time, for everyone."


Because we wanted our clients using MicroStrategy to quickly understand and adopt the HyperCard, we give them this booklet highly useful!


Start with Hyperintelligence™ now, download the booklet below


HyperIntelligence Booklet Virtual Cockpit
HyperIntelligence Booklet virtual Cockpi[...]
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May 2019




Brilliant symposium by MicroStrategy in London! Intelligent entreprise, hyper intelligence, mobility and a 2019 plan to transform the tool to go further!

The future of Business Intelligence will be a huge change. Teams will have access at the glance and speed to their data.


How this change will be conduct? How the organisation will align their business with this new data strategy? It's gonna be really interesting and challenging!





March 2019



by Corp


Come visit us at the Big Data exhibition at the Palais des Congrès in Paris the 11th and 12th of march!

November 2018


ISPOR 2018 Barcelona : BIG REAL WORLD DATA !

October 2018


The latest innovations at MicroStrategy Symposium

Virtual Cockpit was - as you guessed - part of the audience. After this session of the Symposium, we had one question racing in our minds : "What if we could interact with our data, anywhere, anytime, and access information at speed?" To use the latest buzzword, what if the data became frictionless? And when we write "anything, anywhere", this is not a figure of speech.

Summer 2018


The 360 Management Cockpit


Sharing is made Simple and Immediate


The 360 Management Cockpit is a new way to consult and manage your figures everyday, compatible with your mobility and remote work.


November 2017 : A training session by Virtual Cockpit around the Collective Intelligence and the data management.


War Room and Collective Intelligence with Virtual Cockpit : How to push it forward

A Unique & Memorable Experience


All over the world, organisations are starting to open up social networks and collaborative environments from which emanate an endless stream of data and insight. Intelligence can be thought of not only as something that arises within human brains – it also arises in groups of people.

That's where the idea of collective intelligence comes from: individuals acting together to combine their knowledge and insight.

June 2017


MicroStrategy: the perfect tool to implement a Command Center


In today's constantly changing and challenging world, leaders are collecting more and more information about their businesses. They are turning towards tailored command centers in order to keep track of their functions and to help make informed decisions that can positively impact their organisation.

Executives Application: Command Center

Consolidation of corporate performance in one highly visible place


  • Functional and weel-designed Command Center puts executive leadership on the same page
  • Real-time analytics offers a true sense of corporate operations
  • Help improve cross-functional collaboration and engage leaders across departments to drive towards a common goal
  • Enhance visibility into the business and timeliness
  • Holistic view helps to eliminate information silos and unify teams across the organisation
  • Help drive meetings with context and increase credibility of strategy suggestions
February 2017: a photo shoot in our London office for a board member. A simple speedometer is better than an impressive widget (promoted via Linkedin).

January 2017


Our first War Room mission


We gathered 12 peoplein Pegasus Leadership's War Room, equiped with our Virtual Cockpit technology for an exceptional situation management day training.

December 2016: Come to see us in the beautiful city of Paris (promoted via Linkedin)

November 2016


Our 1-minute video: Virtual Cockpit concept


A whiteboard animation to have an overview of our Virtual-Cockpit concept.

November 2016


Did you know that Public Organisations provide free access to certified information on pharmacovigilance & clinical trials?


For free, our last Virtual Cockpit to follow worldwide the Adverse Drug Reactions & Clinical Trials in Open Data. Be a pharmaceutical pionneer, come to see this in our London office.

October 2016


Why UK is the perfect country to set up a company dedicated to the War Room?


People often ask me why I chose to launch my start-up in England rather than France. It's my instinct that guided me to this country but it is also a very rational choice because England is rooted in military history. The concept of War Room is well known in English culture. English pupils visit Winston Churchill’s War Rooms as part of school history trips.

September 2016


The War Room - managing 'exceptional situations' through screen technology


Ex-servicemen and an entrepreneur have launched the war room, a specialist digital technology support room for monitoring and assessment for businesses, alongside intense leadership training... (click here or on the image to read the article).

September 2016


'Lessons learned' by Guy Condamine


In page 4 of this newspaper we can read 'Lessons Learned' by our founder Guy Condamine 'in London in 2016. The business offers a highly specialized form of management consulting called Management By Cockpit, which uses a combination of cognitive techniques, visual aids and realtime data to help executives make better decisions. Before moving to London he co-founded and ran a company in France, a consultancy agency with 30 employees.'

Read the whole French Flair article
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