We have created a team of people who are truly passionate about their work. Each of them brings a wealth of expertise and a unique take on things. This diverse, multidisciplinary team is in position to create optimal solutions for your company. Just as importantly, they will work in partnership with your team.

Whilst our client portfolio is reassuringly diverse, we are still a start-up at heart. We treat all projects as a new challenge : our aim is to provide you with fresh insights. We are idea shakers, who like nothing more than thinking outside the box and we strive to constantly reassess our processes.

We are a London-based company, which gives our team a multicultural edge. We believe in diversity and the power of technology.

We are technology experts. However, we believe that IT and Business Intelligence projects are essentially a human endeavour. We work in partnership with you - your team, our consultants and freelancers work together to create a comprehensive network to provide you with the best outcomes. 

To provide you with tan effective solution, our approach to consulting is based on flexibility : we select the team for each project according to your specific needs and provide an effective service at a competitive price. 

With its broad skillset, our competency center provides solutions for any type of BI project, from small database-fixing or reorganisation projects, to larger projects involving the whole data life-cycle.

We optimise this data life-cycle in order to reduce the TCO of your data.


The first step of our process is the understanding and sketching of your data network, because it represents the basis of our work. We analyse and establish a clear map of the data flow through your company to make sure we are considering the entire Ecosystem of your company.

This intelligent partnership is the best way to start meeting your needs.

All our projects are designed around your existing data network. We never try to push you to towards that is simply more practical for us.


We will help you define and prioritise the project strategy.

We believe that more value can be extracted from your data if it correlates to other data sources throughout its life-cycle.

Data is not only a way to maintain a high level of technical performances: it is also a way to enrich your customer insight.

The interaction between all the data sources is the key to a consistent data network, and is the driver of optimal data use.

Reintegrating your results in the data treatment process allows you to continuously improve your outcomes.



Accross all projects types, our work is always based on the principles of clarity and efficiency. Our solutions are engineered to make your decision process simpler and more effective.


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